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SouthTex Steel Construction understands that every client has different needs when it comes to construction projects. That’s why we offer a range of services to help you meet your goals:

  • Building Additions: Adding on to an existing structure means taking extra steps to ensure consistency in design.

  • Custom Fabricated Buildings: We can create a structure that’s tailored specifically to your requirements.

  • Design Build Services: Beyond building and erection, we also work with you during the design stages.

  • Furnish & Erect Contractor: We’re happy to serve as subcontractors for a single-source solution that’s easier for you to coordinate.

  • Pre-Engineered Buildings: Sometimes, an out-of-the box solution is all you need. We’ll provide expert guidance for a quick, secure installation.

  • Retrofit Systems: Our team can upgrade older structures to meet current coding requirements and improve safety and structural integrity.

  • Structural Enhancements: We can improve deficient framing conditions, strengthen weak supports and provide additional structural enhancements as needed.

While our specific expertise lies in steel construction, we have the knowledge and infrastructure to serve as general contractors for your project as well.

Industries Served



We also serve a variety of industries, so you know you’re in capable hands:

  • Commercial: We handle construction projects for car dealerships, office buildings, retail stores, warehouses and many other commercial applications.

  • Farm and Ranch Construction: Building projects that take place on farms and ranches may involve steps like clearing brush in wildlife-sensitive areas, or include significant landscaping.

  • Industrial: Whether building recycling stations or working in oil field construction, custom steel construction is a critical component of any industrial building project.

  • Institutional: Schools, churches, healthcare facilities and other institutions often have very specific needs when it comes to design and completion timeline.

Value Engineering



Because construction projects are notorious for suffering from deadline and budgetary bloat, SouthTex Steel Construction focuses on value engineering: the process of eliminating unnecessary expenditure starting at the earliest design stages.




The pre-construction phase is really the most important part of a project when it comes to value engineering, because it’s the decisions that are made during this time that have the biggest impact on the budget, schedule and overall quality of your project. From analysis and research into cost-effective processes or material alternatives, SouthTex works hard to ensure the biggest bang for your buck from the get-go.




Value engineering doesn’t stop once construction begins; instead, it’s an ongoing process. The primary construction costs generally fall into either the labor or materials category, and enormous savings are possible within both of these aspects of construction—with the proper planning.

  • Labor: Whether paying per hour or per project, labor rates can vary significantly depending on the trade, subcontractor rates and other factors. Regardless of specifics, though, ensuring efficiency is the most effective way to control labor costs. SouthTex looks closely at planning and scheduling to coordinate trades and subcontractors to stay on task.

  • Materials: Value engineering plays a key role in total materials costs. Value-based suggestions on using alternate materials and equipment can help lower total expenses without compromising on quality. Procurement costs, too, must be taken into consideration. A streamlined supply process can dramatically improve profits while reducing lifecycle costs.




With an established reputation that goes beyond just Texas, SouthTex Steel Construction’s work is second to none. Delivering cost-effective structures on time and on budget without compromising on quality or safety, the company has earned its loyal customer following. What really sets SouthTex apart from the competition, though, is our ability to meet a wide range of construction needs, from construction design and management services all the way up to acting as general contractors, depending on your project requirements.

Specialists in Customized

Steel Construction



Our expertise across multiple aspects of the construction industry means that your bases are covered for just about any type of project, but our specialization specifically in steel erection makes us invaluable for helping general contractors as well as working directly on custom structures.

The high-quality workmanship SouthTex is known for is topped only by our commitment to client satisfaction. We know that your reputation is on the line with every project you take on, and our goal for each client is to help build upon that reputation. When we commit to your project, we’re planning on the long haul: from estimate through punch lists and all the way to your grand opening.




All the custom steel construction expertise amounts to nothing without a firm commitment to high safety standards on every single job. SouthTex Steel Construction maintains job site safety as our top priority, and goes above and beyond to minimize on-site hazards and ensure on-the-job safety.

Innovative Safety Solutions



Many contractors take a “bare minimum” approach to construction safety, whether out of carelessness, budgetary constraints or even stemming from a lack of understanding about just how much safety issues matter.

SouthTex is different. Instead of viewing safety as a barrier to getting a job done quickly, we think of job site safety as just one more tool that helps us bring your project in on time and under budget. To this end, we have an in-house safety consultant who’s always available to address any questions or concerns. We also provide OSHA Training, because we don’t believe that lack of knowledge counts as an acceptable excuse to neglect the safety of any site or its workers.

On active projects, we hold weekly Tool Box Talks; attendance by all of our employees for these safety updates and extra training are mandatory.

A Proven Safety Record



When it comes to safety, you shouldn’t take our word for it. Instead, let our proven safety record speak for itself. Our dedication to safety on every project is clearly demonstrated by our actions, our history and our ongoing safety training standards.





AGC – Association of General Contractors


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